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You’ve probably landed here today looking for some answers.

Answers to how to get to where you want to be in life.

Answers to how to overcome your perceived obstacles and live a more successful, happier and less stressed life.

You see all these other people who seem to make it effortless and just glide through life eh!

What have they got that you haven’t?

How did they get so lucky?

How can I be like that?

Only You Have The Answers

I’d like to tell you a little bit about how  I might be able to help you.

I say might as the answers, and action necessary to change your life must come from you. Only you have your life experience, knowledge and wisdom that you’ve gained to date.

You need a catalyst you can trust to help you find your answers in an optimal way for you to move forward with your new knowledge.

I’m might be that catalyst to help you to get to where you want to go for the objectives you set and strive for.  The best way to find out is to have a chat with me.

There is no magic wand here and there’s certainly no silver bullet. Though some of my clients have experienced some spectacular breakthrough moments.

What I do have is techniques, tools, and programs that I’ve developed over a number of years to help you find your answers.


I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in life and I’ve had to learn these techniques for myself as well as applying them in my in my coaching practice.

I even wrote a book about it to help others to learn and improve based on my mistakes and learning to date.

You can read more about that and me here.

How Does it Work?

Everyone is different and that is why 1-2-1 coaching is always the most effective way to get to where you want to be.

Having said that I know some people prefer to learn at their own pace and I’m always developing learning resources that can be accessed in my Members Area.

You can learn more about working with me here.

What Some Of My Client Are Saying About working with Me

Working with Brian was really life changing. He has been a huge help, making me realise that I have full power and control of my life. He guided me with exercises and questions to improve areas of my life that needed to get better. Brian is respectful, easy going and really has the desire to help people. Because of his coaching, I am now happier than ever with a new career ahead of me.

Sylvie BouchardQuebec, Canada

"I started working with Brian following the recommendation of a friend. I’d recently changed job roles and moved overseas. Different people, different cultures, different type of role. It was a big change. Brian was recommended as someone who might be able to help me adjust and also help me make the most of the opportunity.

The recommendation really paid off. Brian’s a very easy person to work with. He is easy to talk to and has a great talent for identifying issues that might be having a negative influence and then helping develop strategies to overcoming them.

And the strategies work. I feel much more confident when speaking with strangers, working with colleagues from different professional and personal backgrounds, and when dealing with situations that would have previously overwhelmed me. I’m much happier in work and outside of work, and the whole world looks entirely different. A much better place."

Simon WombellSingapore

“Working with Brian has changed my life and business!”
Prior to meeting Brian, I was unsure of what direction to take with my book writing coaching business. He assisted me in seeing the true value of my gifts, talents, and products while providing insights into how to best present them to an international audience. Brian encouraged me to be a powerful catalyst for action to heart-centered entrepreneurs that have books that need to be written.
Working with Brian has been a truly life-changing experience for me. His insights and compassion have revolutionized the way I engage with others personally and professionally. His patient understanding example has taught me to be more authentic and increased my willingness to be vulnerable. The tools he utilized and recommended empowered me to take a more holistic approach to increasing my business.
I whole-heartedly recommend Brian to anyone ready to make real changes in life and business so that they can experience the success they once only dreamed was possible. When you work with Brian you will have your expectations meet and far exceeded!

Beth GaydenWriting and Relationship Coach

Brian is an excellent coach who takes time to understand what his clients really want. With patience and just the right amount of aligning me with my values for motivation, he has helped me get organized and be well on my way to not only identifying my goals but achieving them.

Jewel FriesFreelanceWriter - Rise Like Air, Canada