Live Your Optimal Life of

Success Without the Stress

Are you ready to discover the life you could have? 

The one you’re meant to be living?

A life of success without the stress?

Where you’re in flow and having fun?

If you could do it on your own you’d have done it already

Time to get some help?…

Hello, I am Brian and I am an author and coach based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.  I help individuals all over the world optimise their lives to be more successful, less stressed, balanced and optimised. I’ve worked with a wide range of people across the world including entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior execs and much of my work is done via online coaching for your convenience.

I apply a mixture of  performance coaching, life coaching, and where relevant business coaching to tailor a specific success plan for you (or your employees if you are in business) to ensure you get to where you want to be.

I also have a range of online courses and a highly flexible and effective group program for you to  Get Your Mojo Working Fast; to discover your true values and talents, develop a life plan and means to get there,  and help you build an optimally successful life around these.

If you’d like to discover an even better future than you can presently imagine and how you might get there please book a Free Life Focus session with me now.

I’m delighted to announce that I am now contributing a percentage of all profits to charities via Work For Good as part of my give back philosophy.