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3 Keys to Getting Real Quickly and Getting it Done

Summary from the Your Optimal Life Your Way Blab 03/09/2015



Brian Canavan, Optiva Coaching. 

Grant Cunningham, Social media consultant at GCS Social Media,

Liz Melville,  Social media consultant for Busi-mums at www.lizmelville.com

Mark Pettigrew, Hypnotherapist and Coach at Outstanding Results 

I had a great time on last night’s first Your Optimal Life Your way chatting with some great folk about the key things that people want help with and what they need most.

You can listen to the entire 1.5 hours above (sorry, there’s no way to cut all that done yet into chapters with Blab.im)

I have summarised all of the key things that came out of the chat below for you.  These chats are kind of fluid and we end up talking about whatever everyone wants to talk about so there’s a few topics to go over here

Authenticity & Vulnerability

  • We started off talking about how many people feel constrained by modern living and expectations and that perhaps we need to “get off the train” or “stop being sheep” as Mark put it.
  • Working as we were on the live chat medium of Blab it’s even more necessary to  be real and authentic to your audience – or you will be caught out.  
  • I’m personally a great advocate of the fab Bréne Brown’s work on ~Authenticity and Vulnerability.  Go Google her and be sure to watch her Ted talks.
  • We all wear different hats at times depending on where we are and who we’re with and though vulnerability can help with engagement and story telling it might not be appropriate for all audiences

Breaking Free from Social Media Addiction

We’ve all been there; the constant treadmill of responding to emails and notifications from  Facebook Messinger, Twitter, LinkedIn and every other social media platform and here’s what last night’s panelists had to say on the topic of social media addiction, distraction and focus:

  • Limit the number of social media accounts you have.  both Grant Cunningham and Liz Melville, both business users and experts in the use of social media, strongly suggested we limit our accounts to just one or 2 to not only avoid overwhelm but to do it properly.
  • Small businesses simply don’t have the resource to do all social media platforms at once well.
  • “Be brilliant somewhere rather than mediocre everywhere” as Grant put it.

Get a handle on just how much your responding to:

  • Clear our notifications on your smartphone and leave it another room overnight or at home for a day  and  just look at how many have come in.
  • Are you trying to respond to all of these instantly to keep up with Facebook and other algorithms for engagement?
  • Nuts isn’t it!

Turn off the Notifications:

  • That’s right.  turn off all of those notifications!
  • Set times in the day when you will proactively check your messages and notifications rather than reacting like one of Pavlov’s dogs to the ding from the phone
  • Diarise this and stick to it.  
  • Get someone to hold you accountable to make ure you stick to it and form the new good habit.
  • Liz helps Busi-Mums run their businesses with balance using social media and her message is clear that you’ll never get that time if you don’t cut down the time you’re wasting reacting and fearing missing the latest snippet that will change the world.
  • If it’s an important enough message they are going to share it more than once

“If it’s not in the diary. it doesn’t happen”

John Lee Dumas

Focus on the Priorities

We got onto the discussion of how to focus on the priorities and we all agreed on a few points and had a few book recommendations on the subject:

Diarising key things you have to do.

  1. Go ahead and try it; scheduling in the time you think you need for your key tasks in advance, whatever they are, a week in advance
  2. I block off family time too so that no clients or meetings can be accidentally scheduled in your diary.  i personally have 5pm to 8pm as sacred as that is the time I have after work/school etc before my kids go to bed.

Recommended Books on Focus:

Eat That frog: Brian Tracey (suggested by Me)

The One Thing, Gary Keller (suggested by Liz Melville)



That’s it for this edition.  Please get in touch if you have ideas and suggestions for future blab/webinar topics using the comments section below.

You can find the Optimal Life Your Way Blab by going  on to www.blab.im and searching optiva

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