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3 Easy Steps to Creating a Mindfulness System For That Optimal Life Experience






Mindfulness is all the rage these days among performance consultants and coaches alike.   You can’t go online or read a management journal these days without it being mentioned and exalted for all it’s many virtues.

We all now know that mindfulness has been shown to increase happiness and also productivity. We also know that happiness leads to better decision making and ultimately performance.

What I’d like you to consider is how to actually bring mindfulness into your life and keep it there.

It’s all too easy to say that we should be mindful but how do you do that when you’re chasing the latest deadline or trying to get the kids to school on time?  But, how do we rememner to do all this mindfulness stuff too?

Well, I’ve created a simple little system that I’ll share with you here that costs next to nothing (and is free in most cases).

1. Use a default diary to schedule meditation/thinking time

Use whatever diary you use whether it’s electronic or paper to schedule a time every day a little meditation. This doesn’t have to be lengthy; just whatever suits you best but around 10 minutes as a minimum and perhaps a few times per day to instill the habit.  Please make sure you put it in your diary for every day.  I find a session first thing in the morning and just after lunch time is best for me.  some people do it at night before going to bed too and i often fall asleep doing this.  Not a bad way to drop off.

2. Use a meditation app/soundtrack

Guided meditation apps are fantastic for ensuring that we do actually switch off from the multitude of the seemingly endless lists of things we have to do and consider in our dailyt lives.  I’vce found them invaluable in helping me as a novice and a seasoned user to stay on track with my meditation and to stick with the practice.

There are a multitude to chose from and some are better for affirmations and self-hypnosis than pure mindfulness but you can often get a free trial for basic tracks fro free.

3. Use a mood tracker 

Mood trackers are an amazing tool to help us understand what it really is that is affecting our mood and behaviour.  Tracking what you are doing and with whom and also how you feel at that moment not only makes you more mindful but also helps you to understand what you might be reacting adversely or hopefully positively too.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book Flow used and experiment that pinged people at random intervals to track just this kind of thing and this was how he formulated his theory of “Flow”; the point at which we are suitably challenged and have a suitable skill level for what we are doing.

The best ones all have reminder systems built into them but you could try to do it yourself with an alarm and paper too .  I just prefer the ease of the apps on a smart device to track and show me charts of my mood and activity.


Remember as with any new regime you might need to use it for 21 days or so before it becomes habit and different people will see different results depending on your level of practice.

Go ahead and set up your own system and I’d love to know how you get on and what results you see.

You can even use the handy guide I’ve created for you below for FREE.

Please comment below or wherever you see this.


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