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4 Keys to Being Happy at Work

You can watch the whole BLAB here:….(1 hour 30 minutes)

Hosted by: Brian Canavan, Optiva Coaching

Joined by:

Mark Pettigrew, Outstanding Results Hynptotherpy and Coaching

Lynda Speigel; Career Coach at Rising Star Resumes

Pamela Hiley, Entrepreneur and team Leader at Arbonne

Summary of Key Points from the Discussion : How to Be Happy At Work

This discussion was intended to help people come on and let me know about what made them,or what they assumed others wanted, to be happy at work.

These discussions are not scripted and rely on other people contributing to the discussion.  basically you can come on and join and I try to keep the chat on topic.

It’s a big topic to go over in just an hour and a half  but there we  some central themes that came out from the various speakers and comments from the other participants and I’ve summarized these here:


  • Pamela Hiley (entrepreneur) shared with us that her career in both corporate and as an entrepreneur had been very happy to due to her ability to see choices and having some level of autonomy in her roles.
  • I myself have felt challenged and stressed by lack of autonomy in previous roles and love that I have that flexibility now.
  • Having the even the perception of choice in how we do things is a major contributor to whether we feel happy at work.


  • If you’ve read any of my blogs or the book Get Your Mojo Working Fast, you’ll know that Purpose is a major theme in my thoughts on achieving happiness not only in work but also in life in general.
  • Lynda Spiegel, who helps people move roles in her work as a LinkedIn coach, use the analogy of the 2 stonemasons who were asked what they are doing replied in turn; “Chipping away at stone”, “Building a Cathedral”
  • Can you see the purpose in what you are doing in your work?
  • Perhaps is time leaders and managers communicated the higher purpose for the task we do to allow us to engage with the work more.

You can read Lynda’s full article  using this analogy here on LinkedIn:


If you’re ever in my company you’ll know that I go on about balance a lot.  And that’s LIFE:WORK balance.  Not the other way about.

And it seems everyone else on the call had a view on this too:

  • Know that there are times when you will have to “run, jog or walk” in your work life as Pamela put it but be mindful how long each of these periods lasts.
  • Flexibility in making our own work hours is also critical especially for those with families.
  • If work is taking over your life than its unlikely that you are going to be happy for long, even if you love your work as it will have negative effects on the rest of your life.

If You Don’t Like it, Change Something

A great deal of the discussion centred around taking ownership and control of your own destiny and happiness by taking control of our lives.

  • If you feel bored then seek advancement
  • If you are trapped without the necessary qualifications, either seek to do these or change tack in your career
  • Don’t wait for managers to make you happy, they have their own stresses and you need to take control
  • Develop yourself for the role you want next; sek way to get the experience you need to move onwards and upwards

My Suggested Reading:

If you want to read more and get greater insights into how to be happy at work topic may I recommend that you start with these books.

Mojo working Kindle Cover


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