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4 Powerful Ways To Dress With Confidence (Guest Blog)

I’m delighted to bring you my very first guest blog from Style Me Flawless owner Numba Pinkerton.

Numba is a qualified Image Consultant and runs a busy consultancy for men, women and teenagers.

With over 8 years’ experience in the style and fashion industry, Numba is an expert in all areas of personal style, professional image, and beauty. Numba’s clients widely range from successful business executives to stay-at-home mums.

Numba is delighted to let me know that “everyone can truly benefit from a little boost!”

I know she talks good sense and certainly has the knowledge to share. I hope you enjoy her article below.

confident man-COMP-31383MLSRGB75-628Clothing is an extremely powerful tool and when executed well, can positively affect our attitude, confidence and image.

Dressing with confidence is more than just buying expensive clothing or wearing the latest trends, it is about having an educated style, feeling good in what we are wearing and feeling comfortable and self-assured in any situation.

How we dress is directly related to how we feel. When we are not appropriately dressed for any occasion or are wearing ill-fitting clothing, we feel self-conscious and somewhat inferior. On the other hand, when we feel good in what we are wearing, we are more likely to feel good on the inside, have more energy and feel more sophisticated.

There is no doubt that confidence is a core enabler in life. Confidence enables us to achieve our goals in life and fulfill our true potential. Style confidence is all about being in control of how you feel and how you present yourself, ensuring that what you wear reflects your personality, lifestyle and unique strengths. When your style is at its best, your time and energy can be directed in other important areas of your life.

Here are 4 expert tips to give yourself a powerful presence:


Being your own educated stylist means understanding your personal values, knowing your body, colouring and personal style.

It also means knowing how to dress for any occasion without compromising your personality or values.

Becoming your own educated stylist will help you make better decisions about what you buy, how you manage your wardrobe and how you pick and create outfits for different occasions.

Knowledge truly is power. Having knowledge about your body shape, your personal style, colours that enhance your natural colouring and how to mix and match clothing and accessories is a good start to enhancing your style and image.

Reading a book, taking a short course or hiring a personal stylist can help you become your own educated stylist and make the most of your style and wardrobe.


beConfidentMan_LYour wardrobe is not just a place where your clothing is hung and stored.

It is a place where you are creating yourself and your life. Hanging on to clothing and accessories, that you don’t fit into, clothing that you have not worn for many years or clothing you don’t like creates clutter and detracts from some of your most exciting, wearable and functional pieces in your wardrobe.

Clutter will make you feel out of control, helpless and can sometimes cause stress which easily transfers into other areas of your life. Keeping your wardrobe clutter free gives you control of your wardrobe and consequently-your life.


You will come into contact with all sorts of people in your personal and professional life, which could include your boss, colleagues or clients/customers in a business setting, or friends and acquaintances in a social setting.

You will naturally play different roles when interacting with these people.

For example you will play the role of an expert when dealing with a client and the role of a down-to-earth, friendly individual when dealing with acquaintances.

People want to interact with people they feel more comfortable with.

People also have certain expectations of what kind of image someone in a particular role should portray. Having an idea of what is expected in any particular role and dressing to suit that role will make you feel more comfortable and confident within yourself as well as add more credibility to your competence.


According to Neuroscience research, we can make 11 quick decisions about someone within 7 seconds of meeting them; all based on the way they choose to present themselves.

Therefore, portraying the right image especially in a professional setting can have an impact on who chooses to do business with you.

Why not use your image as a marketing tool and combine this with your competence and expertise to make the most out of your professional interactions?

Think about what personality traits, strengths and values you want to portray through your image, without having to say a word and then dress accordingly. For example, the image you might want to portray is that of being professional yet approachable. Your choice of style should reflect this.

incredere-in-sineWhen you dress for confidence, you are making a decision to become a better version of yourself and feel comfortable in any situation. Competence is no doubt one of the keys to confidence; however, our confidence is certainly enhanced when we know that we are dressed appropriately for any occasion and that the styles and colours and styles we have picked make us look and feel great, whilst reflecting our true values and personalities.

We can then walk with our heads held up high, knowing that our confidence is at its utmost high.


Please do visit Numba’s site at www.stylemeflawless.co.uk for more tips and inspiration or to book a consultation.

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