A Cautionary Tale About How I F’d Up And Turned it Around

I’ve always been fascinated about why people behave and think in certain ways.  This fascination took an interestig turn when the life I had built for myself turned in to a nightmare.  I had managed put myself in positions that were mis-aligned with my values, I was people pleasing and ultimately it all fell apart.

Basically If there was a mistake to make in how to live your life, I’ve made it.

But I decided enough was enough and it was time to live life the way I wanted it to be and as myself.

Over the last decade or so I’ve come to train, read and participate in numerous what might be called self help or self management techniques and practices as I’ve looked at fixing my life and ultimately helping others to get the life of success without the stress that they want.

I’ve also carried out many strategic reviews with people who own their own businesses or who are climbing career ladders who were in similar situations: STRESSED, UNHAPPY, or even BORED and helped them turn life to a more optimal way for more success, happiness and fulfillment.

I’ve studied heavily in motivation both as a marketer (my original profession) and in preparing to be a coach and knowing what values and beliefs you have is a great way to ensure you know where you want to go.

I’ve looked at the underlying values and beliefs we have individually and how through knowing these we can live a more harmonious, successful, and less stressful life.

I now help people just like you achieve their dreams and goals in life in a balanced and optimised way.

Please feel free to connect on Twitter and Facebook with me.  I’d love to know what you find helpful here and, in the interests of helping even more people, what I can do more of to help you.

Let’s get your story optimised and balanced.