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From NeeNaws to Nae Baws at TEDx Glasgow*

(*For Non-Glaswegians this translates to “From Sirens to Castrate”)


The day started with sirens and blue lights. (Hence the NeeNaws)

Pretty appropriate for a TEDx Talk focusing with a theme of disruption.  You might think they had planned it, but alas no, just the usual serendipity, or some joker’s idea of being funny.


Disruption: to break up, creating disorder or confusion, interrupting

TEDx Glasgow on Friday the 3rd of June was the event, and they picked one of the loveliest days of the Glasgow Summer (which usually manages about 3 or 4 days of sunshine) to hold it.

Disrupted a few folks’ sun bathing for starters I’ll tell you.

We had over 16 speakers from fashion designers, and scientists, to opera singers talking about castrate (I kid you not) and international lawyers (no connection), social care evangelists to the Clinical Director for NHS Scotland all talking to us about how their industries, professions, and passions had used disruptive thinking and behaviours to change their worlds for the better.

Why disrupt?  Well we can get all too comfortable at times with our excuses for why something can’t be done and it might take a disruptive catalyst to get us to see a problem and its solution in a different way.

No more thinking the same old group think or conforming to perceived wisdom.  Really shaking that tree to see what might fall out and make us feel a bit uncomfortable with the status quo.

That’s really what disruption is after all; a different way of looking and interpreting things that have been in front of us all along.

How Disruption Finds the Solution

Ellis Watson, @DC_Thomson, of DC Thomson, aye, they of Dandy comic book fame, was fantastic on the idea of our breaking down our individual timeline of life and how to see each day as an opportunity to really live. To challenge how much real life you have left in you and how to make the most of it.

Anne Ellis, Writer and broadcaster, spoke with such beautiful and moving eloquence on the destruction caused by the fire at the Charles Rennie McIntosh designed Glasgow School of Art and the resulting opportunities for it to rise phoenix like from that rudest and destructive of disruptions.

Graham Hogg, Director at Lateral North, @LateralNorth,  got us to look at Scotland not as some trivial wee backwater on the edge of Europe but as a vast opportunity to be seen as the gateway to the Arctic and all of the new shipping lanes springing up and through our Northern coastal waters.

Marco Plas, Head of Research at The Wonder Weeks, blew my mind in my thinking about my kids and how they develop especially in the very early weeks of life post birth. The equivalent of 10 puberties in just a few months.

Mark Muller Stuart QC, @BeyonndBorders_,  took a whole new look at international diplomacy as an arena for individual rather than state mediation and negotiation. Who says only the government gets a seat at the table?

Dr. Mark Payton of Mercia Tech @Merciatech, tried to tell us that sleep was over rated.  (This disrupted this ex-insomniacs emotions for while I can tell you.) But he did make some valid points on the perception of overnight success and how really we were just seeing the tip of the iceberg made of blood sweat and les sleep than you’d normally expect.

A full lsit of speakers and their topics can be found on the TEDx Glasgow website. 

Videos of the talks will be made available  on their Youtube channel soon.

When old thinking just won’t do

In fact, every one spoke on how old thinking would have almost certainly spelled disaster or at best no improvement from the status quo without the disruption they have experienced.

When was the last time you allowed someone to challenge your thinking about a situation? Did you really listen to an alternative viewpoint or merely listen to respond with your tried and tested safe answers of why you can’t?

Are you ready to have your thinking about the limits of your life disrupted? Are you willing to be open to new ideas and stimuli?

That’s what a good coach will do.  They’ll disrupt your patterns of thinking and challenge your status quo to find a better way forward.

Contact me now to book your free coaching discovery call and see what we can disrupt for the better in your life.


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