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Gill Walton, MD Purple Skies Consulting.

By 30th September 2015

GillBrian is a very personable individual. He quickly picks up on issues and puts strategies in place to deal with them. Brian recommends techniques that are suitable for me and coaches me in their use to improve my confidence. Weekly meetings to reinforce those techniques ensures they are working and therefore I can easily see the positive effect. All of my sessions have taken place via Skype which I have found very effective and an efficient use of my time.

Brian has an unusual knack of being able to highlight issues that I didn’t realise were a problem and then look at different ways of working to over come them, which helps me become more productive. Brian really understands what is needed to set up a business and to keep it going which in turn all contributes to his effect coaching service he provides.

From the beginning he helped me establish what I wanted to achieve and by when. I needed to see results within 3 months which I did think was a big ask. Brian stuck to the goal, within this time period I can see visible positive differences in my confidence, productivity and goal setting. I would highly recommend Brian – thank you

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