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Why I Walked Away From a 20+ Year Career

 Repost of an articel first published in November 2015..

I’ve recently taken a very serious decision to walk away from a 20+year career in marketing/consultancyclosing my marketing consultancy company Aperture Marketingto concentrate now on in my coaching activities with Optiva Coaching.

I’ve been running the two concurrently for some time but I’ve come to realize that  my main purpose in life is to help others achieve their full potential in a life of success and balance through coaching.

Honestly, I now have a lot more fun and excitement from my work as a coach than I do in the majority of the work I do in marketing.

I’m a firm believer in the idea of Flow and coaching puts me in flow and provides the best service to my clients.

To that end I’ve closed the Aperture Marketing site, informed the contact list in there of the change and will now be fully committed to my coaching through Optiva Coaching.

Why Did I Do This?  Why Not Keep The Two?

In a word commitment.

Commitment to my purpose in life.

Commitment to what I love doing and what brings out the very best in me.

Commitment to doing my very best work where I believe it can best be done and have the greatest effect.

Letting go of Plan B

My Plan B, my fallback position, was always to have the marketing consultancy there to fall back on.

But I’ve come to understand that this is only a distraction from my plan A; Coaching.

By informing my network, and all of you on here, that I am now fully committed to my career in coaching from now on I’m actually helping myself to focus on and commit to succeeding in this role and life choice.

Leap of Faith

Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith and just jump (spandex and flowing hair in a Van Halen type way no longer suitable at my age).

Commit wholeheartedly to your choice and go for it.  Believe it will work and focus fully on making it do just that.

So for me there is no Plan B.  Plan A will work because I am committed to it wholeheartedly and with all of my passion, purpose, and values in alignment to make it work.

So, please wish me luck on my next big adventure.

I hope to be able to help some of you someday feel the elation I feel every day getting up in the morning to go to work.

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