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Why The Nicest People Have Suffered The Most Damage In Life

By 13th April 2016Balance

Life tests people every day. And for reasons we don’t know,everyone gets a differenttest.

Some struggle withcalculus; others are dealtbasic math. Either way, we all have to deal with what we’ve been given. Ultimately, what we’re given isall random. Genetics, location and financial status — it’s all one big luck of the draw.

Yet whatevercircumstance life throws your way, you get to decide if you’re going to be a victim or a survivor.You have complete control over whether life makesyou sweet or sour.

And those who choose to be sweet the survivors are strongest.

Swiss psychiatrist and author, Elisbeth Kbler-Ross, once eloquently stated:

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.

In other words, nice people weren’t born nice — they made themselves thatway.

Nice people bring light into the world because they come from dark pasts.

In the world of darkness into which they were born, nice people use positivity as a lantern to createmore light.

Nice people have often been dealt a significant amount of bad luck. Theyve been thrust into harmful situations and gripped by destructive circumstances, like toxic family members orpoverty.

And they have learned not only to succeed. They’ve learned to overcome. They’ve kicked off their crutches and somehow done the impossible: They’ve taught themselves to run and catch up to everyone else in a world that does not wait for anyone.

When everyoneelse was gifted a 200-count Crayola boxset, you might have gotten a broken Rose Art crayon. But you used thatpoor excuse of a wax pastel to live a colorful life anyway.

Nice people love the hardest because they’ve been hurt the most.

People will probably treatyou better if they’vebeen hurt by a former lover.

Why does this happen? Well, peoplewho have had their hearts shredded know what it’s like to tape thetorn pieces back together. The brokenhearted never want to inflict emotional paper cuts on anyone else.

Nice people have learned the hard way that disadvantages are opportunities for growth.

It’s more than possiblethat a fewnice people used to be pessimistic. But over time, they usually learn — the hard way — how to be positive.

Perhaps they came to realize that every little thing that seemstopull them down in life eventually becomes a stepping stone to success.

Or maybe dealing with an alcoholic brother taught someonethe empathy and patience to deal with recoveringaddicts. Many therapists learned from a young age how to relate to people who arein pain.

In this way, nice people constructstaircases from quicksand.

Nice people don’t want others to hurt the way they’ve been hurt.

Nice people might have been teased for having freckles, big ears or acne. Maybe a physical disability makes them feel invisible to other people. Maybe an invisible disability itself prevents them from getting thecare that they need.And because they know what its like to feel tormented, theyd never want to cause anyone else that same kind of pain.

Kindness emerges from those who have only known cruelty.

Instead of harassing others, nice people break the cyclical nature of insensitivity. Theygive compliments and words of encouragement. Theywant others to feel truly beautiful and confident instead of ugly and hurt. They already know what that’s like, and they wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemies.

Nice people choose to be survivors who help others stay afloat.

Nice people candeal withany situation thrown their way. They know they can survive anything, because they already have. All of their scars are simply evidence that they can heal from new scrapes.

If anything ever knocks them over, they just shoot right back up and keep going. Knowing that they can endure, these nice people try to do what they can to help others pull ahead.

In the race of life, most runners usually only look out for and focus on themselves. But people who have suffered look out for those who might be going through similar struggles.

They cheer friends on, share their water bottles and motivate others to run with them.

They become the helping hand that they wished they’d had for themselves.

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